Alimentec Tapy, the tool that stores your tapioca flour and disperses it directly into the pan

Your Alimentec Tapy Has Arrived!
It’s bringing you such an easy, fast and no-mess way to prepare your healthy Brazilian hydrated tapioca.
Forget about getting bowls, strainers, spoons, or (mainly) the kitchen dirty.
Now, you can store your hydrated tapioca right inside the Alimentec Tapy.
So, to prepare your Brazilian tapioca, is a matter of picking up your Alimentec Tapy and spread the hydrated tapioca over your pan, with perfect thickness control.
Better yet, Alimentec Tapy has two distinct engineered strainers, which allow you to choose and prepare your Brazilian hydrated tapioca as thick as you wish.
Healthier tapioca?
You can prepare your own blend of hydrated tapioca with linseed, grated coconut, amaranth or any other recipe, in order to have the perfect and unique hydrated tapioca whenever you want, in a couple of minutes.


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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.8 × 11 in


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